Solar for Homes

4We are here to brighten your life !

So, if you desire to receive a free-of-cost consultancy, in order to understand how convenient could be for you to install a solar energy system onto your house, just contact us !We will analyse your case, preparing a feasibility study, at the same time asking offers to the most affordable local Dubai and UAE authorized solar energy installers.

So you will not spend time and money in the preliminary design definition and research of potential installers. We will do it for you and for free, offering our 10 years expertise in solar, in order to obtain the best conditions actually available in Dubai and UAE market.


How we operate ?

Every solar power project starts with a quick phone conversation to see if solar is right for you. We’ll discuss your energy use and take a look at your roof using satellite imaging, if possible. Once we have clear idea, we will submit your case to several excellent local qualified solar installers, in order to obtain best quotation for you ! So you will be in condition to decide if to proceed with permission and final installation, creating part of your electricity from the sun, reducing energy bills, going green as well !

Our consultancy service is free of cost for you, our aim is to support Dubai and UAE residents, to understand how solar energy works, and explain why today it’s possible, convenient and feasible to install solar at home. For this reason we will explain you everything, for free ! Our best satisfaction will be to look around and see thousands of houses installing solar energy, thanks to our advice !